The medical translation in a pandemic era

The fundamental role of medical translation:


Medical translation services play a fundamental and a critical role as when it comes to health and saving lives nothing will be more important. On the same scope, medical translation is one of the most challenging types of translation services as in medical translation errors are never welcomed, thus it needs a high level of training and accuracy because it is a very technical and sensitive area of specialization.


As a consequence of the critical role played in the medical translation choosing a professional medical translation agency and certified medical translators are not an option but a must.


What is the role of translation in the Healthcare and medical field?


Evidently, the medical and healthcare industry is getting more attention worldwide. As the world is getting larger, more diverse with different languages and culture, the need for medical translation is more needed to deliver an accurate knowledge to the people regardless of their language, country or culture.


The medical field is a worldwide one, no limits, spaces, countries or languages differences could ever stop it. For this reason, the significant role of medical translation services takes place.


A study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2024, careers in health translation and other sectors will increase by 29%. This goes to show that more healthcare professionals are increasing their focus on the localization of medical information. Thus, medical translation agencies and certified medical translators play a vital role and they must be carefully chosen.


The medical translation in a pandemic era:


The most important role of the medical translation and localization in the era of any disease is delivering the right message to the population. The symptoms of any disease must be transformed in many languages to spread the awareness all over the world in a very limited time.


If you were dealing with any illness, we will definitely need a detailed report about diagnosis, description and treatment in our mother tongue and the language that we understand regardless of in which language those reports are published. Because of this, the role of medical translation services is highlighted.


Admittedly, when we talk about diseases the only one thing that come to mind now is COVID-19, thus let’s talk about the role and value of professional medical interpreters in COVID-19 period:


The role of medical translation in in COVID-19 period:




Coronavirus outbreak in late 2019 calming over more than 3,173,481 lives globally to date with an average of 150,954,810 Coronavirus Cases. These numbers indicate that we are facing a dreadful pandemic that the talk of the hour.


It is possible that one of the main reasons for the rapid spread was due to a lack of medical interpreters and translators. Without doubt, the healthcare precautions have a fundamental role in saving the lives of people and preventing the spread of the disease.


As a consequence, The World Health Organization (WHO) set guidelines that would later be synonymous with the disease which are:

·       Stay home

·       Wash your hands

·        Use an alcohol-based sanitizer

·        Practice social distancing.

 Those messages have to pass to all the population all over the world.


In addition, Coronavirus is a new disease, thus, there are plenty of researches running on to come up with the best precautions that could prevent this disease. Therefore, translated reports must be spread in each and every language to warn and enlighten the population all over the word from the danger that we are facing.


At the same time, the pandemic, with its extreme risk for disease transmission, highlights the critical need and the value of trained professional medical interpreters, certified medical translators and medical translation agencies, who are well-versed in universal precautions and infection control protocols.


In conclusion, translation will always have the upper hand in making the world more connected specially in this pandemic era where saving lives are becoming a priority and a must.