What is OCR?


An Introduction to OCR services

OCR, text recognition or optical character recognition are different terms describing the same service. OCR services are one of the most effective technologies that stands for lots of projects and services. However, it is still regarded as an anonymous services regarding how it works and how it is applied, so let’s have a clear vision about this service and its application.


What is OCR?

OCR stands for the advanced technology of recognizing the written text inside images, so it is simply, the process of converting scanned images and scanned documents into machine-encoded text or machine-readable text data.


Why OCR services are of great importance?

·       Evidently, OCR services are of great importance as before discovering it the only option to digitized scanned image or document was hiring a typeset to recognize and re-type the text from the scanned image or document. This annual process was never regarded as an effective way of digitize printed paper documents as it leads to typing errors, inaccuracy in addition to wasting time, effort and money.


·      Text-based documents are becoming an integral part of our lives whether in our work or daily life. On the other hand, there are lost of scanned versions of images and documents that present a real challenge as they can never be automatically recognized by computers. Because of this the importance of OCR companies, OCR services, OCR translation online and OCR services online are highlighted.


Nowadays, OCR companies can guarantee you an accurate, fast turnaround time and cost-effective way of digitizing printed paper documents. Europe Localize as one of the leading translation, localization and OCR services company, can guarantee you the excellent OCR services online needed.


How does Optical Character Recognition Work?

There are a three steps through which Optical Character Recognition can work:


1.    Image Pre-Processing in OCR

Pre-processing is one of the most important steps in OCR software in which all the focus goes for the improvement of image data while excluding all the unneeded elements that don’t have an effective role to playing the process.


2.    Character Recognition in OCR

A scanned image or document creates a digital image that’s made up of pixels with different properties which needs a software with feature extraction that is responsible for recognizing the letters and words form the scanned document


3.    Post-Processing in OCR

This stage is much more concerned with the accuracy and the correction technique of the OCR service.

Post-processing is another error correction technique that ensures the high accuracy of OCR. The accuracy can be further improved if the output is restricted by a lexicon. That way, the algorithm can fall back to a list of words that are allowed to occur in the scanned document for example.


What is OCR used for?

·       Converting handwriting texts or documents into digital text

·       recognizing the serial numbers used in many industries.

·       Scanning documents to get rid of the manual work of the companies through being paperless.

·       Banking: Document digitization in the banking sector.

·       Accounts Payable: manually enter receipts from a client or employee.

·       Healthcare: to apply the electronic healthcare record for ID cards, Doctor’s notes, Insurance forms, patient history and etc.

·       Insurance forms.

·       Airports and Travel Tips: Reading passport information and border control.

·       Receipts.

·       Broadcasting.

·       Scanning all types of contracts.


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