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Desktop Publishing

We offer A-Z translation services, starting from preparing your glossaries and style guides, through to translation and managing the Translation Memory (TM) and even a full desktop publishing (DTP) set of services. We are ready to localise and format whatever you need.

Our DTP professionals work with all graphic design and publishing programmes in the market so as to produce any document format you may require. The will prepare a final and printable version of your document in any desired resolution.

Whether it is a brochure, leaflet, catalogue, album or book, our team is ready to create a localised version of your material. They will make sure the layout of the translated version perfectly matches your source document and that it is culturally appropriate and linguistically accurate. Their job is to replace the original text with the translation that one of our linguists will have done and adjust the graphics used in that document.


Sometimes, we may tell you that graphics or photos are no longer suitable for the new, localised document given the target audience. Our Account Manager will discuss this with you and help you create new graphics if necessary using our artwork services.
We can localise your existing graphics or create a new publishable document. If you already have published content that is only in need of translation or localisation, our consultant will also instruct you on what files are needed from your graphic designer. Clients may not be familiar with the type of files that make a successful localisation, but our Account Manager is always on hand to advise on this and ensure smooth and on-time completion.

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