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Multimedia localisation

Maybe you need a YouTube video subtitled, your website localised using Adobe Flash player, e-learning materials translated, or any of these optimised for use on smartphones and tablets. Whatever it is, we’ve got a solution.

Europe Localize is up to date with all the latest marketing techniques to provide you with the full localisation experience, regardless of your content’s format. We work with a wide variety of applications and platforms that you may need in order to perfect your translation and localisation. We can use these to test and launch multimedia content and we are able to work with your proprietary tool if required.
We’ve been localising movies, graphics, videos, audios and animations for over 10 years and we offer a sophisticated approach, via various media and channels, to handle your content and to match your translated or transcreated message. You will be able to work with our multimedia engineers for any subtitling or animation localisation you need.

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