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Software, website localisation & localisation testing

No serious company will miss this step out these days. Customers have become very demanding when it comes to a product or services’ quality and the support they receive once having purchased it. This is why you need a localised product and a localised website.

Competition is huge, so your website needs to stand out; otherwise, a potential buyer will have moved on and found someone else’s product within minutes. Localising your website and product will increase your chances of reaching a greater number of buyers and turning them into loyal customers.
However, watch out, because an unprofessionally localised website or product may backfire. Lack of in-country cultural sensitivity, inconsistent translation of the help guides that accompany your product or layout issues of your localised product or localised website due to a change in script or length of text during translation, can all ruin your image as a professional and trusted company in the eyes of your international customers.


With our help here at Europe Localize, these issues are easy to identify and quick to resolve. Our team of localisation engineers and testers will help prepare your product for international release and perform localisation testing to make sure the localised version is functional, linguistically correct, consistent and that displays are correctly formatted across regional platforms with varying settings.

The content localisation process is a complicated task that requires proper preparation, planning and coordination between all teams and phases. In short, it involves extracting your original content, translating it into the target language without changing the original coding of your website of software. The original content is then replaced with the localised one and must be tested prior to its release, to ensure the Graphic User Interface (GUI) doesn’t include any defects, that the User Assistance (UA) works properly and that the localised product/website is linguistically appropriate.

You don’t need to be an international giant with an army of engineers and testers at hand to localise your product in a professional and affordable way. You just need Europe Localize - we have helped many small and medium sized businesses as well as huge software tycoons. Get in touch and we will design a customised solution for your product.

Our localisation testing focuses on, but is not limited to:

  •  Untranslated text or mistranslations
  •  Incorrect layout or display such as misalignment or overlapping icons or images
  •  Text overlap and overflow
  •  Bugs related to applications’ of websites’ proper functioning
  •  Missing fonts necessary to display special target language characters
  •  Mistaken graphics replacement


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