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Terminology Management

Terminology Management is one of the pillars of the translation and localisation industry and one of the key reasons it exists. Creating content that uses consistent and appropriate terminology not only saves a lot of money on translation, but also allows a brand’s image to be maintained across several countries and languages.

If you store all of the content related to your product, service and brand, you can control and manage the terminology used on your website, in social media and other publications. It allows you to create consistent glossaries or a unique Style Guide, used by all linguists when translating your materials. It guarantees your image will stay the same, regardless of the target language. It also helps you in marketing activities like multilingual SEO or conversation with your customers on social media.
There are two major difficulties in terminology management: firstly, it requires specialised programmes to open, convert and save the terminology in an accessible format. This concerns technical details and needs someone familiar with localisation tools and format adaptability. The other challenge lies in updating, storing and dividing translation memories. It needs a dedicated terminologist who differentiates between products line-base Translation Memories (TMs), client-based TMs or project-based TMs and who knows how and when to update a TM with the relevant terms or remove obsolete terms.
Europe Localize offers you these technical specialists as well as the terminologists. Contact us and one of our consultants will get in touch with more details about our terminology management services.

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